About Our Pet Spa

We aren't your usual groomers! Here at the Pet Spa we always put your pet first. We not only pride ourselves on the quality of our grooms but the reassurance of love and kindness throughout their time with us. Because we love your pets as we would love our own we use quality natural pet friendly products; minimising harmful substances to pet and planet alike. We are a local friendly business so you don't get any of the giant corporate machinery which can be distressing and dangerous to your loved ones. This way we can ensure your pet is groomed in the safest manner. This helps us work around any nervousness and mobility issues. We are pleased we can offer a personal touch for pet and owner, providing comfort throughout. 

We are not only a groomers for dogs and cats but offer dog walking, collection and drop off as well as speciality treatments such as; Mineral and mud baths, pet moisture treatments and health promoting massage. 

So whatever your pets character or physical/emotional needs, rest assured we can support them throughout. 

Our Team

With 8 years of experience, All of our team are highly qualified in Animal welfare, Grooming, Nutrition and canine first aid.  




Carol Shaw

Owner & Groomer

Emma Jehu

Head Groomer

Apprentice Groomer 
Dog walker